The programme for bioinformatics represents interdisciplinary cooperation between research groups in medicine, biology and informatics from the Faculty of Medicine (DMF), the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT), and the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering (IME) at NTNU.


Bioinformatics is a discipline at the interface of molecular biology and informatics. The field is a prerequisite for newer areas of research in molecular biology, such as genome research, ultra-high throughput sequencing, proteomics and studies of relationship between gene variation and disease. Research in bioinformatics also involves development of novel methods for data analysis, using methods from computer science, mathematics and statistics. Much of the bioinformatics research at NTNU is associated with FUGE II, phase 2 of the national plan for functional genomics. Several other FUGE projects are linked to bioinformatics, including projects in proteomics, biobanks, genome sequencing, micro-array analysis and structure biology. Future work will relate to the new program BIOTEK 2012. There are also strong links between bioinformatics and research on systems biology at NTNU.


  • Professor Pål Sætrom, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Coordinator: Advisor Janne Østvang, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

Programme Committee

  • Professor Eivind Almaas, Department of Biotechnology (committee leader)
  • Associate Professor Mette Langaas, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor Catharina Davies, Department of Physics
  • Professor Atle Bones, Department of Biology
  • Post doc Waclaw Kusnierczyk, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Professor Finn Drabløs, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine


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